The concept of mussels with chips, which is widespread throughout the world, crosses ages and borders without losing ground. Popular Belgian dish, as simple as generous, it remains synonymous with conviviality. As the Hôtel du Centre is no exception, we wait for you every Tuesday at La Pergola for less than XPF 2,000 per person!

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Culinary origins

Just behind the historical and unparalleled duck breast, mussels with chips are the other French favourite.

Democratised by the end of the 19th century with the appearance of the first French fry sheds, they quickly became one of the cultural symbols of the Northern France.

It is also in Lille, in the northern tip of France, that it is a tradition for restaurant owners to engage each year in a funny competition: victory to the one who unloads the most empty mussel shells in front of his establishment... this will mean a complete sell out!

Your Tuesday’s dinner

Lacking inspiration to decide where to go? Visit us on a Tuesday at La Pergola restaurant. Take a deep breath of iodised air and feel like you are escaping to the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic side.

Our Mussels with Chips evening promises you a pleasant moment of relaxation and good mood, in the company of a reactive team and, as always, with great care. In the kitchen, the ritual "sorting - scratching - rinsing - cooking" of the shells is also under full control!

Your seafood dish will be served in a marina sauce version. At a very small price of XPF 1,950, instead of XPF 2,750 outside the event, there is no reason not to take advantage of it...

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