For your comfort, we will never do too much!

Do you remember this message? This is the first episode of the Hôtel du Centre’s annual communication campaign. In 2019, your comfort remains, more than ever before, our priority. Follow us backstage in the photography studio to discover the making of.

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…

At the Hôtel du Centre, we are always committed to communicating with humour and originality, a reflection of our establishment’s identity. It is with an offbeat state of mind and in a friendly atmosphere that we appreciate being professional and giving our customers our best quality of service.

Do you remember Adrien, our devoted servant, whom you probably noticed last year? Coming out of the barber shop and wearing a suit from a wedding shop, here he adds to his talents the one of a lullabies storyteller.

As for our almost sleepy female mannequin, does her face tell you something? Nothing surprising since it is Justine, your waitress at the La Pergola restaurant. Why not reveal pretty faces when we have them all close by?

… in a hotel suite

However, do not rely on the calm and serene appearance of our model, not accustomed to the camera lens. Several hours of photo shooting were needed to find sleep

Our congratulations to our photographer, Éric Aubry, for seizing the perfect emotion through his shots, despite the atmosphere of a bedroom that, for Justine, was perhaps not the friendliest… if we see the logistic makeover!

It should be pointed out that Adrien, too, put all his energy into it, humming his melody not less than a hundred times, so that the most beautiful expression of it could be grasped. It is true that at the end of the session, the simple song had been slightly revisited, according to what we heard from the top floor of the hotel

Why don’t you go beddy-y-y-byes? … Please Justine, to please me… Quickly go beddy-y-y-byes!...

If, like Justine, you want to have beautiful dreams in 4 stars quality bedding, book your stay at the Hôtel du Centre. But, you will understand that we cannot guarantee Adrien’s availability…

… in a hotel suite