If February 14 is the day on which we celebrate the Valentines according to the Gregorian calendar, it is also on this date that it is a tradition in many countries in the world to celebrate lovers. Between sweet words, small gift or personalised surprise, nothing is too beautiful to please your sweet half... And of course, the Hôtel du Centre, too, thought about spoiling lovers for Valentine’s Day!

An air of candlelight dinner at the hôtel du centre

An air of candlelight dinner

How about a romantic dinner to share a sweet moment alone, enjoying being served without having to plan to prepare anything?

On the eighth and last floor of the Hôtel du Centre, the La Pergola restaurant welcomes you in a cosy lounge setting, with its menu specially created for the occasion.

Book your table today by calling 230 707... You will just have to choose your evening outfit on D-Day!

Like a feeling of holidays

Are you tempted to extend this delightful moment, finding yourselves both far from the concerns of everyday life?

The happy news in 2020 is to be able to get pleasure from the joys of February 14, on a Friday: then, stay and sleep after your dinner and laze around in the morning, as if you were on holiday...

The Hôtel du Centre proposes two attractive offers:

  • the Deluxe Pack with a night in Deluxe Room and brunch for 2 people, suitable from Friday 14 to Sunday 16
  • the Love Pack with overnight stay in the hotel’s most mysterious room, as well as continental dinner and breakfast for 2 people, applicable on Friday 14 only
Like a feeling of holidays at the hôtel du centre